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4 Hands Massage +Prostate Orgasm

Four-hands massage is an exhilarating type of bodywork using two therapists working in harmony on one client. To understand it better, imagine two therapists performing synchronized movements. It’s like both of their hands flow seamlessly from one body part to another with well-choreographed movements. You’ll get the experience of four hands working on your body simultaneously, increasing your relaxation and the therapeutic benefits. Four-hands massage therapists are a rare breed, and they spend hours mastering the technique. This will enhance their ability to create a symphony of movements on your body.

What you can expect of Four Hands Massage?

Our four-hands professional massage is performed by two therapists in synchronization and has the same effect as two full-body massages.

The therapists will combine slow and relaxing motions with harder, deeper movements to target each of your problems whilst keeping you completely relaxed. Because of this, it is not unusual to experience other types of massage during this treatment, including deep tissue, relaxing, and even reflexology.

The addition of two extra hands means your brain is unable to predict or monitor the motions and pressures of all four hands. This means you are in a better state of mind to ‘let go’ during the treatment and will allow your muscles to absorb and react to the therapy.

Four Hands Massage Benefit

Typically, the therapists will base their massage around long, slow sweeping movements that will put your whole body into a state of relaxation. They will then add some targeted techniques to break down the build-up of tissue around your muscles that cause pain, aches, and inflammation.

Four-hands massage is an extraordinary experience that brings an added level of relaxation and comfort compared to other massage types. It’s not as indulgent as it first may seem; instead, it’s perfect when you need to pamper yourself in more unique ways. The art of four-hands massage helps energize your body, heals your mind, and awakens your spirit.

So, next time you feel the need for a massage, why not try the symphonic and luxurious four-hands therapy experience? Contact us to book it! You won’t regret it!

Susan Massage Spa

Susan Massage Spa is a professional therapist Massage spa. Our spa is located at Number 200 Xinzha Road, Huangpu District Shanghai, if your office or hotel is nearby, you can contact us for massage service. We also provide a Callout massage service. Whether you are in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, or Shenzhen, we can provide the Massage service for you. Just contact us in advance, and we can arrange everything reasonably for you.

We provide many kinds of massage services, you can learn more here!


If you want to find a relaxing massage to relax yourself, please contact us to book the service! You will never down to choose Susan Massage!

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  • joni
    Posted December 9, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    The best and most professional massage service experience in Shanghai, and others lady only know Happy Ending, they don’t know how to massage , Susan excels in professional Happy Ending and Massage the both . beautiful lady !!!!!

  • william
    Posted December 9, 2023 at 6:20 pm

    So lucky to have met you Susan ,you hands is so magical.Let me regain the confidence of a man .let we keep in touch .

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